September 3, 2006

Picture of the month!

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The Gang

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty... Posted by Picasa
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Oooh, cool leaf! Can I see it? Posted by Picasa

"Gilguli" - my version of a summersault Posted by Picasa

Come on, Yoni!! Posted by Picasa

I love swimming at Meitav and Evyatar's house - you can't get me out of the water! Posted by Picasa

Reading a book in my chair Posted by Picasa

Saying "ball" in the pool

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Going nuts over penguins at the zoo

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Mmm...cousin Liyam's b-day cake tastes good Posted by Picasa

Deep in thought... Posted by Picasa

Zohar - wait for me Posted by Picasa

I love my Mama! Posted by Picasa

Hey - no one told me to smile - I'm busy with my passion fruit Posted by Picasa

My debut in a dress - aren't I adorable? Posted by Picasa

About 2 seconds later, one of the geese stole my cookie and I was not happy about it! Posted by Picasa

Look Zohar, it's a bear!

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We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

We went to the zoo in Jerusalem and I freaked out over all the animals Posted by Picasa

I'm not spoiled ;-) Posted by Picasa

My cousin Meitav and I like pickles a lot Posted by Picasa