February 3, 2014

Gorgeous girl in the snow

Tamar in her favorite place - sitting on the scale in the kitchen corner

Fun in the bath


More snow

And more snow

Winter break fun - whipped cream with sprinkles, sunglasses, headband - check!


Pretend trick or treating

Tamar wanted her shoes with no socks, her coat, Yarden's hat and to take a picture - cheese :-) 

Boazi has discovered Legos, in a big way

Ariel chilling with Barney the dog

Fun weekend in Levittown, PA

Mixing the brownie mix


Cousins hard at work

Gorgeous people at the Veteran's Park 

Bob's new X-box game - "Just Dance" was a HUGE hit!

Dr. Boaz

Finally - an opportunity to go to the park, it's a good thing we took advantage of it - the next day we got 8 more inches of snow...

More snow