September 4, 2016

September 1, 2016

Leaving NYC - our last "Baked by Melissa"

Wuksachi Lodge - Sequoia

On the top of Moro Rock

Now that's a big tree


Yosemite - Glacier Point

The Falls at Yosemite

With our amazing cousins, David and Carolyn in San Francisco

San Fran

Mini trains with Dana in Berkley

Foozball with the Ariana and Itaiy


Our helicopter ride (!!!) to Catalina Island

And we're on our way back home!

Savta Shoshana and her great-granddaughters


Pizza time!

Kaltura party fun

Back in Givat Shmuel

Shabbat in Karmiel

At the big park

Tamar and Natanel are some cool kids!

Beit Yitzcahak fun

The Achrak Clan (actually just a part of it...)

First day of school! Ariel the cross-guard

Starting first grade!!

Ariel in the school opening ceremony

Tamar in her new gan

June 5, 2016

Having fun in our park

The monkey master!

Worms, worms and more worms
So brave

2 lovebirds

The gang hiking

Typical Metsada vegging

Roni and me in a very normal pose

Bleeding hearts and my boobi baby!

Back at Coney Island...

Sweetness at the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos

Family picture - once in a blue moon

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a gorgeous fashion exhibit

Baked by Melissa bday cupcakes - Ariel polished off a dozen on her own

Bday party at Gan - 4 years old (who woulda thunk???)