February 1, 2017

Cousins :-)

Picnic lunch at the monkey farm that we all know and love

Can you see the peacock in the background??

Eitan and Boaz hard at work building Legos

Our electricity dropped in the middle of the night due to the rain, and somehow these 2 boobis ended up in the king size bed...

Ariel and Savta Shoshi - gorgeous girls :-)

Static electricity hair-do + no teeth + silly smile = my angel boy!

Prima Ballerina

Static Cuteness

Cuteness in motion

January 4, 2017

Boazi's Hannukia for the school exhibit

Cutie pie

Making sufganiyot with Aba

Cool dude

A couple of gorgeous gals

At the Hanukka party - such excitement!!

And here we are again :-)

Can't get enough of this sweet girl

The master builder


Our Jui-Jitsu warrior

The Achrak clan (most of it) lighting the last candle together

Check this out



Gma with her youngens (minus Ido, who we missed that day)

December 2, 2016

The leader with her map showing me how to get to school.

Trusting this silly guy to redo our bathroom


Driving in my car!

Stopped to get a treat - sufganiyot!

My little scientist - love this kid

See Uncle Ido - I like melauwach with "yolky eggy" too

29 weeks and counting


Digging in a dinosaur egg to find the little green plastic dino baby

November 2, 2016

November 1, 2016

The Jui-Jistu Warrior and his side-kick

Our new grill!

Gorgeous babies for Rosh Hashanah


In our Sukkah

Helping Saba hang the decorations

Magna-tile lessons for G-ma

Best friends in the Cardo

At the Sataf

Who dat? Beit Govrin



Donkey! (in a Shrek accent)

Hangin with the cousins

Future architect