May 1, 2018

April 30, 2018

Tamar in the colored sands

With my little British soldier

We love chicken!

Israeli role models - checking out the exhibition

I couldn't resist posting this one

Where's Roee? There he is!

Like Saba, like Roeeki

Chillin with the boyz

Our cool Pesach play

Saba Yosi!

Ein Yorkeam

Cooking lunch for an army of hungry vacationers

Come on Gaia - I'll take you for a ride

About halfway up the snake path


Discovering red Babma

With Gma

Finkle Family all decked out

All of us, and then some

Look who lost her first tooth???

Roee in Pesach mode

Playing with Cousin Gaia

Come on Yeyee - get a move on

Mud! So much fun!

Soduko quality time


Street chalk!

March 4, 2018

March 3, 2018

Success - a family picture!

Fun with some fruit shakes

Cool dudette

Hmmm... where should I explore now?

Typical Boaz - climb, climb, climb

Cool bros

About to see the Voca People

Israel Museum with Gpa

Roee taking in the sites at the museum

Museum kids library

Vegging on Gpa

Food shopping with Ima and Aba

Safari fun with Gma!

2 new Kalturians

Lily among lilypads

Gorgeous one!


Getting our fill of nature

The model


Boaz made a "tent"

Skipping stones

Laundry is fun!

Boy tower

Savta fun

We got a little carried away...

Shopping spree


Little monkeys connecting

Safari on a school day - just because

Looks who's walking at 10.5 months?!?!

Checking out the kitchen shelf

Peek-a-boo (again!)

Big boy


Tamar the selfie director

Blueberries - yum!

Purim fun!

We love chicken