December 31, 2012

December 30, 2012

Gorgeous one!

More tummy time

Making sufganiyot (donuts) for Hanukkah

Eating the delicious donuts

Learning to move around

Hanukah candles on the first night

Making the donuts

Happily sprinkling the powdered sugar on the donuts

"Piyoo, piyoo"

Story time for 2-10 year olds


Tamar with her Great Savta Shoshanah

Fun with Saba and Savta

Candle lighting at G-ma's

Believe it or not, this is the best picture we could get...

BBQ in the rain! Finger-lickin good!

Tamar and the french fry

December 4, 2012

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In loving memory of our G-pa Willy

Ariel, her friend Hila and Noah's Ark that they made.

Hello penguin :-)

Ariel in her school ceremony - taking things very seriously

Still in the ceremony, but a bit less serious

I love my Aba

Koosh koosh!!

How cute am I??

Check out my chins and fatty wrists, they are very fun to kiss

Chomping on a bagel in my bassinet on the way to New York

Yum, bagel! I am really getting into food the past few days

Shopping in NYC with Jeff and Rosie - what fun!

Jeff and Ima at the crazy Japanese buffet - a whole block long - we stumbled upon for lunch

Life is tough in my queen size bed in NYC

Snow in New Jersey! Wow!!

Sesame Street watching with earphones while Tamar is sleeping

Control - do you copy?

Having fun at Boazi's Hanukah party at gan

Gorgeous boychik!

Aba joined in the fun

Now I'm happy with my jelly donut