November 6, 2005

Gee - that Materna formula is really working - couldn't you just eat me up?

Cheek to cheek

Being serious with Gma, Great Gpa Sidney and Ima

Ima taking advantage of me - the nerve!

Winter came on all of a sudden...wearing Ima's hat from when she was a baby...awwww....

Enjoying Great Gpa Sidney

Cousin Ido and I are playing in my "university"

With Ima and Great Gpa Sidney - get a load of my chins!

Visiting Aunt Julie on her new Kibbutz

Playing with Great Gpa Sidney Posted by Picasa

We're so pretty Posted by Picasa
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Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Aba holding me in his special position.

Here we are!

Great Gpa Willy has got his hands full...

Look at me with Ima, Aunt Rachel, Cousin Zohar and Aunt Julie - otherwise known as "the girls"