March 29, 2015

Purim cuties

Good friends

Prepping the "Mishloach Manot"

Boazi making "ozney haman"

Ready for the Megillah reading

Snow, snow and more snow

Enjoying our 10 min outside before we get too cold

Snow hug

Snow angels - literally

Mama and papa - a rare occasion when we actually take a pic of ourselves

Boazi getting creative

Mr. Softee on our first not-freezing day (it didn't last long)


Mini Mouse Sistas

Chillin in the sun

Dum Dum likes Gum Gum (from the Night in the Museum)

Big tree!

In front of the American Museum of Natural History

Making a project with Morah Violette


March 1, 2015


Making mini-cupcakes

Look at the cool purple hat Doda Libi made me

Two bros watching a cartoon movie :-)

Barely a baby anymore

Boazi the fashion designer made some cool glasses out of clips and bracelets