May 31, 2014

Springtime Cuties

Look at that tree!

The Kaltura Mascots

The 9 year-old :-)

Family portrait

Picnic in the Queens Botanical Gardens 

The Three Musketeers

Silly Selfie

Mother's Day BBQ at Kenny and Andrew's house

Boaz found a long earth worm

Playing musical chairs at 4pm at nursery school. In the background "Why do you fill me up, buttercup baby..." was playing

Collecting dandelions 

Borrowing the neighbor's lawnmower 

Coney Island!!!

On our way on the water ride

At a famous landmark - Nathan's!!

On the boardwalk

Fun group picture

Tsachi won a million prizes playing "whack-a-mole" - all the kids walked away happy

The winner!

Shabbat Ima with her special Elmo crown

Where is Boaz?

Hot tub turned pool at our country get-away - aka - Jeff and Rosie's house

The chefs

Hammock selfie

Play-doh time

Beach time on Long Island with Kenny

Boazi's masterpieces from nursery school

Riding the bike down the block and back

We moved the little house and kitchen we inherited from the neighbors to the front porch - SO convenient!!

May 3, 2014

May 1, 2014

Ariel and Gpa Larry slaving away on Ariel's Barbie Dreamhouse - her amazing gift from Gpa and Nechama. She plays with it constantly!

Cool Cousins in Central Park

3 generations on a rock

Nothing like those McD's vanilla ice cream cones

Cuties with morning popsicles - make sure to catch the legs!

Long-awaited photo opp with Julie and Natanel

My Gpa!!

We just landed and Gma met us at the airport to ride back together on the train - what fun

Chillin in JFK - waiting to board our delayed flight...

Saba Yosi is a happy camper

Reading a book with Gma

Cool cats

Tamari with Savta Shoshana - otherwise known as "Tata Nana"

Looking gorgeous for the Seder

A group of hoodlums at Nahal Tsafit

The bros

3 generations in Nahal Havarim night hike

Beautiful cousins

Playing with Savta


Look at my big girl!!

With Libi in Nahal Rahaf - what a gorgeous place

Foolin around with the Tsach-meister

The boys, the bball and the ipad

A happy pair


Aunt and nephew picture time

Life is difficult at Metsada

Yo Billy

Boozi recharging his batteries

Fun day in the park in Givat Shmuel

Train back to airport - we're on our way back to NYC...

Here we are! 

Back at our park - look - no winter coat :-)