December 5, 2006

December 4, 2006

Deep in thought (or watching the Teletubbies website) Posted by Picasa

Playing with paper towels is one of the most fun things in the world!! Posted by Picasa

Is it my turn? Posted by Picasa

Zohar borrowed Ima for a few minutes Posted by Picasa

Swinging with the gang Posted by Picasa

"Making nice" to Zohar Posted by Picasa

Come on Zohariki - take the dog and let's play! Posted by Picasa

Having fun at the party :-) Posted by Picasa

Ido's 4th b-day party - WOOHOO

Hurry up Mama, try to keep up! Posted by Picasa

On the seesaw - what fun!

Am I beautiful or what? Posted by Picasa

G-pa - stop tickling me :-) Posted by Picasa

Playing on the slide

Gitty-up horsey! Posted by Picasa

Posing outside Posted by Picasa

Playing in one of the gorgeous dresses Simona sent me - thank you! Posted by Picasa

November 1, 2006

Our Happy Little Family

 Posted by Picasa

Tired but happy with Saba at the end of our hike Posted by Picasa

Chillin' Posted by Picasa

I'm such a big girl, drinking my juice and wearing my (empty) backpack Posted by Picasa

This suitcase is so fun to play in Posted by Picasa

Aba is keeping us entertained Posted by Picasa