January 6, 2014

January 5, 2014

At the nursery school Hanukkah party :-)

Making a cucumber and carrot sandwich


Pretending to be asleep during our game

With Ava in the back of Uncle Jeffrey's truck

Red, but happy noses

Getting into the holiday spirit

The cow train - I know - weird - but actually very fun


Our first snowman

Happy campers

Candy party in the basement - who wouldn't be smiling?

Ice-skating at Bryant Park

One of Ima's favorite pictures of us

The spectators, waiting in the wing

Some hot chocolate to top it all off

Playing in our doll stroller

Chilling on a Sunday morning

Legoland - Boazi was SUPER excited

Hard at work

Go doggy go

Go giraffe go

Tsachi - the lego addict - could have gone regardless of the kids

Check out our gingerbread man

Serious snow!

Getting warm after our 15 min outside

Fun weekend with cousins


At the "restaurant" in the basement - the good was good, excellent service and pretty reasonable prices

The boys vegging

More cookies