November 2, 2013

Chillin in the hut tub at Jeff and Rose's

Life aint too shabby

With Papa Bear

Arielly Belly

At Anthony's pizza place - YUM!!

And dessert at the local cupcake place

At the cool walking bridge over the Hudson River

On the bridge



Boaz picked his out

Ariel and Zohar fooling around

Deni picked hers

2 goofballs

Special treat - Cousin Neil came to visit!

At our local Dunkin Donuts, one of our favorite places


Brunch at Cousin Carri's - we had such a great time


Taking a walk in the gorgeous foliage

Chillin with the Decters

Fall in Cunningham Park, a block away from our house

Tamar loves her hat



Sliding down together

Watching the leaves on the trees

Coloring with Uncle Ido

Trick or treat!!!