July 3, 2017

July 2, 2017

Picture of all pictures

Tsachi's latest masterpiece!! Yes, he made this gorgeous piece of furniture from scratch

Boazi gets a new belt in Jiu-Jitsu

The fashionista

Eat him up!

At Ariel's end-of-year ceremony in the Tower of David in Jerusalem


Naked baby!

Tamar with her traffic light

Love those trees!

Chomping on a chicken bone and loving it

Everyone has to pitch in...even if they make that cute face...

Angel one

7 year old and a dinosaur bday cake - ROAR!

Playing it cool

Way to go Tsachi and Boaz for such a cool cake (and it was super tasty)

Think this kid is spoiled? Drinking his bday smoothies from G-ma

End of year show - we're ready!

Graduation certificate from pre-school

Chillin on the (fake) grass

Finally Tamar can give Roeeki his water bottle - lots of fun

Drinking cause I feel like it

Say what?

Catch the thighs...

June 2, 2017

Tamar singing with all her heart

Vegging in bed

Arieli with Gaia


The gang

The nursing moms

Tamar and Avigail - inseperable

Gpa on duty


Getting ready

The give-aways

Waiting for Aba to finish packing up the car

Think Tamar is regressing?

Making pitot with Savta Shoshana

Visiting Gpa with Julie and Natanel

I'm not sure if I like this swing or not...

Sistas at a Kaltura outing

With our gorgeous cousin, Be'er (Adi Bennett's little girl)


Brotherly love

Over I go!

Lifting weights

Loving our Sundays with Gma

Sheer cuteness

Shavuot happening in Givat Shmuel - we made a flower headband


The Bat Mitzvah Girl!!!