November 6, 2017

Swinging brothers

Cutie pie

Koosh koosh

Busy bees


Gorgeous girl!


Having fun at the Kinneret

Roller-blades baby

Look, no hands!

On the little train in Raanana Park

Our cool new park in Givat Shmuel


September 5, 2017

September 4, 2017

Light festival in Jerusalem - a huge moon light

Wooden horseback riding at Sarona Market in Tel-Aviv

The swimmer!

Preparing the unicorn cake for Zohar's bat mitzvah

Mazal tov Zohar!!!

Just about to cut the cake

Roeeki LOVES sink baths

Look out Cyprus, here we come

Where are you guys gonna sleep?

Morning sunshine



With our super cool tour bus 

Kalopanayotis villiage - like a dream

Halloumi chesse making workshop

Found a cool photo opp on our evening stroll

The 1 family portrait we managed to squeeze out of the vacation

Koosh koosh!!!

Life is tough in Paphos

Brothers chillin

Swing time

And more swing time

Just point me to the pool

I LOVE mango, especially when Aunt Rachie brings me some fresh ones from her tree

Cousin Kenny is here!

Rainbow cuteness at the Israel Museum

Check out Tamar's pose

Love this sculpture!

Shrine of the Book with the Dead Sea Scrolls



Looks who's got a new set of wheels

Fun with Kenny in Tel Aviv

I simply love to swing in the park

Pool day!

July 3, 2017

July 2, 2017

Picture of all pictures

Tsachi's latest masterpiece!! Yes, he made this gorgeous piece of furniture from scratch

Boazi gets a new belt in Jiu-Jitsu

The fashionista

Eat him up!

At Ariel's end-of-year ceremony in the Tower of David in Jerusalem


Naked baby!

Tamar with her traffic light

Love those trees!

Chomping on a chicken bone and loving it

Everyone has to pitch in...even if they make that cute face...

Angel one

7 year old and a dinosaur bday cake - ROAR!

Playing it cool

Way to go Tsachi and Boaz for such a cool cake (and it was super tasty)

Think this kid is spoiled? Drinking his bday smoothies from G-ma

End of year show - we're ready!

Graduation certificate from pre-school

Chillin on the (fake) grass

Finally Tamar can give Roeeki his water bottle - lots of fun

Drinking cause I feel like it

Say what?

Catch the thighs...