February 1, 2015


Finally cutting into the big pumpkin we picked when we went apple and pumpkin picking with Uncle Jeff and Rose

Ready for Kabalat Shabbat on a Friday morning

"There's a snake in my boot"

Photo opp at breakfast

Having a picnic with the princesses and power rangers while waiting for Aba and Ariel to finish their ride (and Boazi to finish his nap)

Lunch with the princesses!!

Digging for dinosaur bones is hard work

Souvenir pictures after Ariel managed to get Ima on the Everest roller coaster ride twice (!!)


Siblings hug

Breakfast with Pluto and the gang

Gorgeous boy-chik

The 5 of us

Climbing on the dinosaur bones at the TREX restaurant

More digging

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow...

Blizzard babies

Our 15 min of snow play - fun!

The snow shoveler

Look who came for the coldest weekend of the year!?!?

Horsey - yay!

Foam anyone?

The gang