September 2, 2012

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Gorgeous girls

Savta Shoshana and Tamar

Tsachi's unique baby-holding position, which Tamar loves!

Boozi getting refreshed in the kitchen sink

Ariel the Zionist - in the exact room where Ben-Gurion declared the State of Israel

Girl power

Chillin under the status of Meir Dizengoff - first mayor of Tel-Aviv

Making the chocolate flakes for our "Zebra Cake"

Zebra Cake!! Yum
Zebra cake from the inside

Playing in the last few inches of water before we killed the pool for the season


Ariel and Zohar synchronized swimming

Check out that dimple!


Great grandkids galore

Playing at the gymboree - credit to Gma for taking such a nice pic

Fun day at the pool with loads of cousins!!

Aunt Julie! (See how Tamar has put on some fat??)

Life is tough

You talkin to me?