July 2, 2017

Picture of all pictures

Tsachi's latest masterpiece!! Yes, he made this gorgeous piece of furniture from scratch

Boazi gets a new belt in Jiu-Jitsu

The fashionista

Eat him up!

At Ariel's end-of-year ceremony in the Tower of David in Jerusalem


Naked baby!

Tamar with her traffic light

Love those trees!

Chomping on a chicken bone and loving it

Everyone has to pitch in...even if they make that cute face...

Angel one

7 year old and a dinosaur bday cake - ROAR!

Playing it cool

Way to go Tsachi and Boaz for such a cool cake (and it was super tasty)

Think this kid is spoiled? Drinking his bday smoothies from G-ma

End of year show - we're ready!

Graduation certificate from pre-school

Chillin on the (fake) grass

Finally Tamar can give Roeeki his water bottle - lots of fun

Drinking cause I feel like it

Say what?

Catch the thighs...