March 30, 2006

...and I love it! Posted by Picasa

I'm playing with my new activity table... Posted by Picasa

I'm tearing my room apart! Posted by Picasa

With my Ima Posted by Picasa

Whacho talkin about? Posted by Picasa

I love playing in the laundry basket Posted by Picasa

I'm very serious Posted by Picasa

March 6, 2006

Finally - we're back from Eilat and I can relax in my chair Posted by Picasa

Don't bodda me - I'm busy Posted by Picasa

Aba, wait! I want to take the family portrait! Posted by Picasa

I love seeing the beach for the first time - and those rocks sure were tasty Posted by Picasa

Then I got tired on the way down the mountain, so I took a nap on my comfy Aba Posted by Picasa

Posing with Ima Posted by Picasa

What a view - we went on a long tiyul up Mount Tzfachot Posted by Picasa

No words!!! Posted by Picasa

C'mon you guys, I'm ready to go! Posted by Picasa

Shhhhh... Posted by Picasa

Watch me attack this roll in my new car seat on the way to our family vacation in Eilat! Posted by Picasa

I'm very concentrated as Aba reads to me in our special reading position Posted by Picasa

This is pretty fun... Posted by Picasa

At my swimming lesson with Ima, and cousins Gilat and Yoni Posted by Picasa

Mucho yummy cookie Posted by Picasa

I love books! Posted by Picasa