September 1, 2013

Hats in Jerusalem

Walking on the walls of the old city



Typical Tamar duty

At the Cardo - sheesh Ariel is heavy

Tamar conquers the Cardo

The renovated windmill - gorgeous!

Sprinkler park under Migdal David - wow!!

Gorgeous boy

Ice cream - yum

The gang

At the Sataf

Cousins saying goodbye :-(

Soaking up some Gma before we leave

Tamar taking a nap before we even left on the train to the airport

After the long flight on the way to the rental car


Walmart :-)

Museum of Natural History - reconnecting with our cousins!!

Mister Softie!

Our new house in Jamaica Estates Queens

Gorgeous girl

Making meatballs

Our first weekend, took a drive to the Hamptons to see Uncle Irving and Aunt Joanie

Playing as we unpack

Yummy after bath nakedness

Bug Carosel at the Bronx Zoo

Tired at the end of the day  

Waiting out the rain in a local Barnes and Noble

Posing with his masterpiece

Sea Lions!

Check out those prairie dogs

Lunch - hot dogs and sugar snaps

Bug carosel - Boaz on a blue beetle

Boazi's new bed with a slide!

Leopard girl

Taking a break at the Central Park Zoo

Turtle cousins