October 5, 2013

Come on Ido, let's go!

Prospect Park

Gorgeous Walmart Boy!

How surreal is it that Ariel takes a school bus to school?


Skating in the park

Boaz and his Dunkin Donuts

Chillin with Denise and Bob on Sunday


Boozki and his Sukkah from Gan

No words

I love grapes

Our hand made (by Tsachi) Sukkah!!

Another playground we explored in our area

The girls

Lovey-dovey time with Ima

Slides at this cute gymboree we found

Pick me up!!

Modeling the new Dora pajamas

Skating cousins - it's contagious :-)

On our way to Central Park with the gang

New Yorkers

On the subway

King of Central Park

Skating in the cool Central Park Skaters rink

Fun, fun, fun

Belgium waffles on the way home - a great end to a great day