March 31, 2014

Chillin on the couch

Spontaneous and fun family dinner

Gorgeous ones ready for Ian's Bar-Mitzvah

Me and my dear Uncle Irving

The Boys

The Girls

The movie stars

The Jokers

Selfie with my Aunt Debbie

Modeling our sweatshirts from Ian's party

Modeling the skirt that Zohar made for Ariel in school (!!)

The coolest Superman ever (I actually made Boazi the cape, sewed a few stitches and everything!)

Superman and the Cheerleader at the Megillah reading

Angel babies!

Air hockey at the Purim carnival

Forget all those tickets and booths at the Purim carnival - we found TOYS!

Silly one

Little princess clapping

The new DO

Superman in training

Outdoor candy picnic - fun!

Life is tough for cousins on a Sunday morning

Skyping with Gma and Savta at the same time


March 2, 2014



Playing in the snow

Snow on snow on snow on snow



At the M&M Store in Times Square

Toys R Us in Times Square

Arieli on Ice

Girls outing :-)

We are family...

Boazi made a bed in the laundry basket

On our sled in the park

Catching a ride


Na'ad ned...

The master at work

Very into the story

The gang


Prospect Park Zoo