April 30, 2015

April 29, 2015

Our first Mister Softee of the season

Milk and cookies with cousins

Dum Dum!!

Good friends

In her princess attire

And we're off!!

Headphones - check!


Hanging with Nataneli

The chef and su-chef :-)

Higher Saba, higher

Ariel being brave


Pool time

Ein bokek

Nature boy with his homemade bow and arrow

Magic-clip dolls with Avigail

Cousins :-)

How many Bennetts can you fit in 1 selfie?


Doing Meitavi's hair

With my sweetie, overlooking Massada from the south



The Yamanim

The Achraks (lots of them)

With the actors in our favorite Passover play on top of Massada

The Parsim!

Playing it cool at Nahal Rahaf

Chillin with Savta Shoshana

Pool fun

Taking a dip in Nahal Rahaf

Nahal Tamar

Massada 2015!

Warming up

On our way back to NYC with very mixed feelings - all good

Rollerblade girl is back in action

Yes, that's an earthworm - we can't get enough of this kid!

At the Met with Aunt Wendy

Taking a little break


Bedtime story with Aunt Wendy

No words