September 5, 2015

Quassy park with the Gross family - FUN!!

Showing off our chalk city

Summer cuties

Feelin groovy

Lovie dovies

Boozki found a frog friend

On the boat at Niagara Falls (after we took of the gorgeous ponchos)

Getting ready to get wet again

The falls, the rainbow and the Achraks


Watkins Glen State Park and 3 gorgeous boobis

Wading in the water was super refreshing

Up close and personal

Look at our big girl!

Koosh kooshit

No joke - we found Bennettsburg in upstate NY

Picnic time

What do they say about apples and where they fall from the tree?


Denise came to have fun with us for Shabbat - yay!

The Achrak men come to Saint Lucia

Life is tough


Enjoying the night air

Night swimming

Breakfast with a view

Big coconut, little coconut

Princess Tamar

The kayakers

Making sure we taste all of the cocktails :-)

Don't worry - no alcohol in this one

The view from Pigeon Island top peak

Angel boy

On the beach

Ariel getting her hair done

No words

In the banana field

Boazi found a cricket

With the little "Piton"

With the big "Piton"

Koosh koosh

Koosh kooshit

Looking for seashells

Bumper cars with cousins

City girl

Paddle boats in Prospect Park

Gpa with the gang