June 2, 2017

Tamar singing with all her heart

Vegging in bed

Arieli with Gaia


The gang

The nursing moms

Tamar and Avigail - inseperable

Gpa on duty


Getting ready

The give-aways

Waiting for Aba to finish packing up the car

Think Tamar is regressing?

Making pitot with Savta Shoshana

Visiting Gpa with Julie and Natanel

I'm not sure if I like this swing or not...

Sistas at a Kaltura outing

With our gorgeous cousin, Be'er (Adi Bennett's little girl)


Brotherly love

Over I go!

Lifting weights

Loving our Sundays with Gma

Sheer cuteness

Shavuot happening in Givat Shmuel - we made a flower headband


The Bat Mitzvah Girl!!!